Sunday, September 18, 2016

Get Over it Millennials

I just heard a few numbers that don't settle well in my stomach. The average college graduate is leaving with close to $80,000 of student debt. I also heard that 11% of college graduates from 2013 and on have decided to stop trying or not try to get a job. So let me get this straight.....The Obama administration is forgiving a few billion dollars worth of loans; I think this is wonderful for moms and dads trying to make ends meet, supplying for a family, working hard! I am slightly disturbed that 11% who don't want to try to work are able to be forgiven of their debt AND qualify for the welfare program. I am not talking about those incapable of working. I am talking about those who have decided to stop trying or frankly are picky due to the fact that they HAVE an education. They would "rather not work at all than work at a job [they're] over qualified for." I'm quoting someone I know that will remain anonymous. I did call to ask about my student loans and check on forgiveness; I do not qualify because my annual income before taxes is too high compared to my household...I support just myself. I was asked 5 different times if I was SURE I didn't support anyone. And if I was SURE I wanted to submit that on paper because how many individuals I support depends on how much money they would forgive. I would rather not lie, and put back in to the economy that I signed, specifically stating, I would be "borrowing" from. Therefore, I pay student loans monthly. I also pay $1000 in taxes a month. I get little to no money back because again I support "just myself". And the more I pay my loans down, the less interest I can declare. Alas, NO, I do not support just ONE, I am supporting the 11% that gave up. They are now debt free and I am putting food in their mouths and a roof over their heads. I have not one, but TWO BACHELORS and began working as a part time teacher at the Missionary Training Center in order to get on my feet when I moved to Utah, while LIVING with a family that was not my own. I am crediting that I needed help, and was humbled by those that did help. They HELPED me, not enabled me. Then again with my TWO BACHELORS I started working full time as a receptionist, living on my own, and having purchased a car with cash I had saved during my part time job. I was essentially a SECRETARY. I use that term, because I was and AM DAMN proud of where I started with my two bachelors degrees. YES, I did a job that a woman in 1965 could do WITHOUT an education, but guess what? It doesn't matter. I WENT to college, I PROVED that I could work hard, that I could learn, that I was well rounded enough to do anything, and it was time to put my money (and the money I continue to pay back) where my mouth was. I wanted to be good at my job. I thrived on my self worth as an educated woman in the millennium and would stop at nothing until I could say I was proud of my work at the end of every day. THAT is why I got promoted. THAT is why I travel the country training others on a software that was created in Denmark. THAT is why I make as much as a man in my position....I ASKED. Because I knew I worked hard I had no problem asking for a raise, and then asking if any man was making more than I was and would expect the same salary. That wasn't an issue, in fact, I make more. But because I knew I was proving my value, I had no shame in making sure there was equality. And before anyone gets on the "you shouldn't have to ask" band will never progress in ANYTHING in life, man OR woman, if you do not ask. No one is going to outright offer you a raise, so suck it up, prove why you're worth is and ask. Men...I'm talking to you too. And THAT is why I am providing food and shelter for those that don't want to start where I did. Get over yourself Millennials. Learn to WORK and take pride in YOUR WORK.

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